Employee Spotlight: Tara Kerz

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June 23, 2023

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At CorVel, we take immense pride in our team members who embody our core ACE-IT values of Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork. Today, we are highlighting the contributions of Tara Kerz, Vice President of Medical Review Services, as she celebrates an impressive milestone – 25 years of exceptional contributions to CorVel.

Tara Kerz’s CorVel story began in 1998 when she joined CorVel as a bill review clerical support. From the outset, Tara showcased her attention to detail and organizational skills, setting a solid foundation for her future growth. As she excelled in her role, Tara’s responsibilities expanded, and she quickly progressed to different positions at the company. With each new challenge she faced, Tara’s determination and expertise shone through, positioning her as a leader in CorVel’s bill review services.

Recognizing her exceptional work ethic, Tara was promoted to Bill Review Supervisor, followed by her eventual promotion to Vice President of Medical Review Services. Throughout her tenure, Tara’s commitment to excellence has been instrumental in driving CorVel’s success in providing top-notch services to our clients.

What sets CorVel apart for Tara is not just our cutting-edge technology but, more importantly, the people who make up our organization. She passionately embraces CorVel’s central ethos of fostering growth and development for all employees. She shares, “CorVel cultivates its people to expand and grow, no matter their current role – everyone is vital, and everyone’s voice is valued as unique and important to our organization’s long-lasting and stable success.”

As a leader, Tara finds true fulfillment in empowering and encouraging the growth of her colleagues. She values the opportunity to provide resources and support that help others succeed in their professional journeys. For Tara, the greatest joy lies in being a part of someone else’s success story, recognizing that their achievements contribute to the collective triumph of the team. She notes, “You cannot beat being part of someone else’s success – it is everything!”

While Tara’s career path ultimately led her to become an industry leader in medical review services, her childhood dreams were focused on space exploration and becoming an astronaut. Inspired by figures like Albert Einstein, Tara’s early fascination with the unknown shaped her curiosity and passion for continuous learning.

As we celebrate Tara’s incredible 25-year milestone, we express our gratitude for the positive impact she has had on our team and organization. Her unwavering dedication and passion have not only shaped her own success but have also inspired and empowered those around her.

We are proud of our employees across all departments for their contributions, and CorVel congratulates everyone celebrating a work anniversary this month.

Having team members embrace the challenge to learn, grow, and advance is essential to our corporate mission, and I look forward to seeing an expansion of available opportunities in the coming years.
Michael Combs
President & CEO

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