Claims Management

CareMC Edge: Smarter claims technology.

Claims management has never been easier with CareMC Edge, which leverages best-in-class technology to deliver greater transparency, help employees recover more quickly, and maximize savings. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve enhanced claims management so professionals outrun risk and get ahead of costs.

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Why CareMC Edge?

One integrated platform for all claims management solutions.

CareMC Edge connects all stakeholders throughout the entire claims process, providing real-time updates and streamlining communication to optimize an employee’s recovery and employer’s savings. It’s a comprehensive way of managing claims–providing all the tools needed to make informed decisions with confidence.
Claims Risk Score

Get a personalized risk assessment.

  • We use advanced technology to rate all data elements on a claim and grade its level of risk.
  • Several factors such as return-to-work estimates, physical demand requirements, pain levels, and more are incorporated to conduct an accurate evaluation.
executive dashboard
executive dashboard
Executive Dashboard

Manage everything, all from one place.

  • Dynamic and interactive high-level overview of your entire program, delivering essential claims data and next steps through the entire process.
  • Actionable insights for adjusters, period-over-period benchmarking, litigation information, and more.
  • Complete visibility and real-time information through every stage to keep return-to-work progress on track.
cogencyiq dashboard screenshot
cogencyiq dashboard screenshot
Case Management Technology

Ensure employees access quality care.

  • Ongoing access to resources for case managers to proactively guide injured workers and deliver high-quality care.
  • Predictive modeling for identifying potential barriers to recovery.
  • A direct line to providers for immediate scheduling with specialty networks to ensure holistic recovery.
  • Provides insights into pharmacy management of drugs and treatments.
return to work dashboard
return to work dashboard
Return-to-Work Module

Take informed action to drive better outcomes.

  • Comprehensive overview provides key details related to return-to-work plans, including work restrictions, dates, claim-specific notes, and status.
  • Track the progress of return-to-work initiatives and monitor employees’ transition back to functional work positions.
  • Visualize return-to-work journeys for optimized resource allocation and proactive management.

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