CogencyIQ: See the big picture and the path forward.

CogencyIQ leverages data-driven technology to identify areas of opportunity and recommend actionable steps that help ensure your programs are efficient, strategic, and effective.

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Why CogencyIQ?

Better insights, better results

Our experienced analytics team conducts close surveys of market information and analyzes data to evaluate and improve your program.

Use data to transform your risk management program.

Business Intelligence
Get a complete, easy-to-understand picture of overall risk and claims insight with interactive, dynamic dashboards that illustrate critical information.
Insight Consulting
Make more strategic, data-driven decisions with technology and a CorVel Strategic Insights Manager who locates patterns and root causes in the workplace that helps coordinate actions to mitigate them.
Artificial Intelligence
Allow AI and ML to provide a glimpse into the future be it the risk on a claim, the potential for litigation or a projection of final outcome
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CogencyIQ Services

  • Standard reporting packages
  • Loss run analysis
  • Advanced analytics
  • Comparative analysis against industry, market, and state trends
  • Program evaluation and assessment
  • Program needs evaluation and cost-benefit analysis

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