Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Yoss

CorVel Team

March 24, 2023

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To recognize our diverse team and their value to our organization, we will begin spotlighting various CorVel employees each month. With March marking her 20th anniversary at CorVel, we are highlighting the contributions of our Chief Accounting Officer and Vice President of Accounting, Jennifer Yoss. Jennifer is based out of our Portland, Oregon office, overseeing a team of over 30 individuals.

Jennifer joined CorVel in 2003 as a Senior Accountant before quickly moving to the Accounting Manager role. Jennifer’s responsibilities as Accounting Manager grew over the years, and so did her strength in leadership. As a result, Jennifer became the Director of Accounting in 2014. Her continued success and accomplishments as director led to her current position as Vice President of Accounting. Now, she oversees ten departments, all operating highly efficiently thanks to her leadership and guidance.

Throughout her 20-year career at CorVel, Jennifer has been involved in many exciting and significant projects. But what stands out are the relationships she has built over the years. She explains, “The number one thing I like about working at CorVel is the people. I get to work with such a great team and get to work with leaders of other teams. Having a tenure of 20 years at CorVel is not uncommon. That longevity has built a great network of people that I very much enjoy getting to work with every day. Additionally, there is so much opportunity for process improvement, system improvement, and so many new challenges every day that I never have a chance to be bored.

She adds, “I also appreciate the size of CorVel; we are large enough to be publicly traded but not so large that you only get to see a piece of the process or organization. I like that we get to see the whole process here and truly feel we can have an impact.”

Of all Jennifer’s proud and fond memories at CorVel, she shares, “My proudest moment was getting to participate in ringing the bell at Nasdaq for CorVel’s 30th anniversary. It was a fun experience that I never thought I would get to participate in.”

Outside of her contributions to CorVel, a fun fact about Jennifer is that she grew up on a farm! Her first jobs included picking blueberries and driving a tractor for her family farm. Although she admits the hard work of farming wasn’t her favorite part of her childhood, she appreciates the values it taught her at a young age to work hard and see through commitments.

We thank Jennifer for the positive impact she’s made during her tenure at CorVel. We are proud of our employees across all departments for their ongoing dedication, and CorVel congratulates everyone celebrating a work anniversary this month. We are fortunate to be made up of a team who exemplifies our core ACE-IT values of Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork.

At CorVel, we value and reward individual initiative. Our diverse team of employees spans a multitude of disciplines and share the common goal to make a meaningful difference for the clients we serve.
Michael Combs
President & CEO

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