Employee Spotlight: Marci White

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December 12, 2023

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The dedication and countless contributions from our team members are the driving force behind CorVel’s success as an industry innovator. Our team displays our core ACE-IT values of Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork daily. Today, we are excited to feature a true ACE-IT ambassador, Marci White, Regional Vice President.

Marci, a registered nurse with a BSN, brought her 14 years of healthcare industry experience to CorVel in 2011 when she joined us to oversee sales at our Pittsburgh office. Over the years, her role has evolved significantly. As of January 1st, 2024, she now oversees nine markets, a testament to both her personal growth and the expansive development of the company. She shares, “Our customers are larger with more complex needs, and our technology has evolved significantly to meet these needs. The pace at which we perform has increased significantly, making for very exciting days!”

In addition to enjoying the dynamic sales environment, Marci is passionate about the advancements CorVel’s technology has made to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners and pave the way for innovation in our industry. In fact, her favorite project involved leading her team in developing unique workflows, alerts, and enhancements for a large auto insurance carrier account. She says, “It is so fulfilling to look back and see all of that planning and hard work in action. Our development teams hit a home run on this project.” Marci is proud to have played a role in establishing CorVel as a competitive leader in the market.

Besides working on innovative projects, Marci said her favorite thing about CorVel is “The people! I have the privilege of working with the most passionate teams, departments, and customers. They are problem solvers, advocates and everyone rolls up their sleeves to make it happen.” 

Marci White’s journey with CorVel encapsulates a narrative of growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to fostering a collaborative and passionate work environment. As she continues to navigate new horizons, Marci remains an integral part of CorVel’s success story.

This year, we've seen many people accept increased responsibility in the organization. Having team members embrace the challenge to learn, grow, and advance is essential to our corporate mission, and I look forward to seeing an expansion of available opportunities in the coming years.
Michael Combs
President & CEO

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