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August 25, 2023

Balloons against the sky background to celebrate employee's CorVel anniversary

The success of CorVel is propelled by our team’s core ACE-IT values of Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork. Today, we proudly turn the spotlight to Doyle Patrick, Claims Supervisor, whose contributions to CorVel over the past seven years have been invaluable.

Bringing with him over three decades of workers’ comp experience, Doyle’s journey at CorVel began in 2016. He started by overseeing workers’ comp claims in the Kentucky jurisdiction, and his role has progressively expanded to encompass multiple jurisdictions in the Midwest regions. Currently, he supervises claims in four states. A standout point during Doyle’s time at the company is the exponential advancements made to our proprietary technology, CareMC Edge, which has enhanced the claims management process and Doyle’s workflow. 

Doyle is an avid learner, most appreciative of the opportunities that have allowed him to expand his knowledge and positively impact people’s lives. He shares, “Every day is a new challenge with the opportunity to learn something new and grow in knowledge. The sky is the limit on learning.” When describing his perspective on his role, he adds, “We have the opportunity to make someone’s life better by listening and answering someone’s questions.” 

While Doyle’s achievements in project delivery and career growth are noteworthy, what fills him with pride is experiencing the success of his team members. Doyle celebrates those who have transferred their claims expertise into roles in account management, thus enriching our partnerships at CorVel. He recognizes the advantage of combining claims management knowledge with account management, noting, “It’s always nice to have someone understand where you are coming from when they have been there before.”

By day, Doyle serves as a dedicated claims supervisor; come nightfall, he takes on the role of pyro tech. His passion for illuminating the sky comes alive as he creates captivating displays for weddings and special events. He shares, “There is nothing like lighting up the skies with lots of colors for a show.” Take a glimpse at one of his recent displays!

Doyle Patrick exemplifies CorVel’s core principles through his dedicated efforts and commitment to continuous learning and growth. 

This year, we've seen many people accept increased responsibility in the organization. Having team members embrace the challenge to learn, grow, and advance is essential to our corporate mission, and I look forward to seeing an expansion of available opportunities in the coming years.
Michael Combs
President & CEO

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