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Patient Management

January 28, 2022

CorVel employee on a call to ensure effective communication

Effective communication in health care delivery is critical to ensuring patients receive quality care. At the core of communication is language. In workers’ comp, having bilingual and multilingual nurses available to remove language barriers is key to ensuring all injured workers receive the quality care they deserve and are engaged in their recovery.

Engaging injured workers to be active participants in their recovery can significantly impact healing, restoration of function, and return to work outcomes. This begins with providing clear medical guidance and ongoing support. Effective communication ensures employees feel heard and cared for, helping to instill trust and set the tone for a positive relationship.

CorVel’s multicultural clinical staff includes Advocacy 24/7 nurses and case managers who can speak fluently in various languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and French. Our claims staff is also equipped to manage the bilingual needs of our customers and their employees. Moreover, to enhance our multilingual capabilities in virtual care, we have developed a Spanish-speaking telehealth practice site with providers fluent in Spanish and are looking to embed Google Translate into telehealth practice sites.

In addition to the importance of effective communication between clinical staff and patients, communication between clinical and claims staff and employers is also critical to ensuring positive outcomes. One way to alleviate the communication delays common in the workers’ comp industry is to have an integrated claims system that provides easy access to all medical information and claims notes.

As stated in this Forbes article, technology-based practices can help bridge the communication gaps in healthcare that result in medical errors. At CorVel, we have developed CareMC Edge® to offer a fully integrated claims platform that streamlines communication between all stakeholders, including case managers, the pharmacy team, and the claims team. This improves care coordination to avoid patient delays and enables CorVel’s staff to provide a tailored care experience.

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