CorVel: A Place to Call Home

CorVel Team

June 29, 2021

CorVel's 30th anniversary promo in Times Square

CorVel is a company that believes in its people and their potential. It is a company that fosters growth and looks for leaders within. In every office across the country, there are employees who share a similar story—their careers at CorVel began in an entry-level position, but with the support and encouragement from their managers and mentors, they worked their way up to senior-level positions. Laura Heywood is one of those people.

Laura started at CorVel working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Medical Case Manager. She dove into the position, learning everything she could about orthopedic injuries and other common workers’ comp issues. Her first manager at CorVel, Charlene McGrath, taught her everything she needed to know about case management. Laura spent her days in the field getting to know the customers and finding ways to meet their needs. There were no cell phones or email, so she’d swing by the office to check the pink slip for any messages or faxes—which was the greatest way to quickly share information with a client! Notes were handwritten and she’d dictate her case management reports on a small tape recorder.

Over the years, Laura moved from Vocational Case Manager to Supervisor, then promoted to National Account Manager before landing her current role as Vice President of National Accounts. No matter how large the company became, it maintained its close-knit culture and local feel.

While Laura’s career and the technology she uses evolved, some things at CorVel stayed the same. It maintains that local presence despite its national standing, making it feel like a hometown organization in communities across the U.S. CorVel continues to strategically invest in technology to improve the claims process, while fostering a culture of unity, teamwork, support, and encouragement. There are mentors to be found at every level, in every division and in every office across the country. Laura learned from so many of these mentors during her career, such as account management from Frank Hackett and building client relationships from Diane Blaha. Now, after 30 years of experience, she has transitioned from a mentee to a mentor.

This culture that revolves around people—both employees and the customers they serve—makes CorVel a place to call home. In fact, it is difficult to find a leader who has been with the company for fewer than 15 years, with most being closer to 20 years or more. So, while Laura’s story is remarkable, it is not unique among CorVel’s people—it is the norm.

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