CorVel Anniversary: Kim Bell

CorVel Team

March 27, 2020

Balloons against the sky background to celebrate employee's CorVel anniversary

To recognize our diverse team of employees and their value to our organization, we will be celebrating a CorVel Anniversary each month. This month, we are recognizing Kim Bell, Vice President of Treasury Services. March 2020 marks Kim’s 26th year with CorVel. She was first hired in 1994 to process and manage customer payments within CorVel’s newly established Checkwriting Department, later renamed to Treasury Services. As the department expanded in size and scale of production, Kim’s role has evolved in complexity.

In 2013, Kim’s responsibilities grew from processing and managing payments to taking over all of CorVel’s external orders for business cards, brochures, posters, and various other types of collateral. This growth led to purchasing CorVel’s first building in 2019. The new building houses the Treasury Services teams that Kim leads, including the Symbeo On Demand portal orders and production work, which totaled over 5 million items ordered and produced in 2019.

Kim is currently the VP of Treasury Services and oversees a team of 32 employees. In 2019, her team processed 11 million payments and EOR’s, totaling over $2.6 billion in customer payments, reconciling more than 700 bank accounts, and distributing to customers promptly on the first business day of each month. Additionally, Treasury Services keeps all of CorVel’s claims and company financials up to date, with the highest attention to detail.

Kim shared that what she likes most about working at CorVel. She says, “I am a problem solver and have enjoyed seeing the growth that has allowed me to use my skills to help make work tasks run more effectively and efficiently, especially integrating the processes within systems and between systems. I also like knowing that I am part of a large team of professionals, and together we move CorVel forward as a leader in our industry.”

Kim has developed a wealth of experience throughout her time at CorVel, and when asked about her favorite project, she explained, “After 26 years, I wish I could say I had one favorite project or one proudest moment.  The truth is I have seen many projects go from an idea to implementation, with even more additional enhancements. This includes our Treasury Services Database, Provider Portal, Symbeo On Demand ordering portal, and most recently the enhancement of our EFT processing. Each of these projects has been a factor in keeping CorVel ahead of our competition, and helped Treasury Services improve our overall products and product delivery. Getting to work with such an amazing team makes me proud daily.”

Part of Kim’s success is attributed to her excitement for her job. She explains, “My work fun fact is that I like to review the Treasury Services processes and constantly make improvements. I would rather keep creating change, to help me and my team learn and grow, than become a robot, just doing the same thing in the same processes. Our world is constantly changing and I like to be a catalyst for that change.” Outside of her passion for growth at work, Kim supports youth sports programs and her family has sponsored many teams and kids over the years, she says, “Giving an opportunity for all kids to play sports is so important and rewarding at the same time.”

Thank you, Kim, for your hard work and dedication to CorVel – we appreciate you and value your contributions!

"I like knowing that I am part of a large team of professionals, and together we move CorVel forward as a leader in our industry."
Kim Bell
Vice President of Treasury Services
At CorVel, we value and reward individual initiative. Our diverse team of employees span a multitude of disciplines and share the common goal to make a meaningful difference for the clients we serve. 
Michael Combs
President and CEO

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