CorVel Anniversary: Stephen Hale

CorVel Team

May 08, 2020

To recognize our diverse team of employees and their value to our organization, we will be celebrating a CorVel Anniversary each month. This month, we are recognizing Stephen Hale, Senior Software Engineering Manager. In April 2020, CorVel celebrated having Stephen on the team for 13 years; however his contributions to CorVel dates back even further to when Stephen first joined the company as a contractor in January 2003.

The first role Stephen had at CorVel was as a developer on the EDI (electronic data interchange) team. He then transitioned to the Data Warehouse team where he gained several years of experience before advancing as a manager for the Reporting and Data Warehouse teams. Coming full circle in his CorVel career, Stephen has now returned as a manager to the EDI team where he began. In his current role as Senior Software Engineering Manager, Stephen directly oversees multiple teams of software developers who work on Carrier EDI and Data Warehouse and collaborates with other managers in the areas of Reporting, EOR, and Customer and State EDI. Stephen also works on cross-team projects to implement carrier-focused functionality such as recent changes to the claims and payments portions of CareMC that support the new NCCI Indemnity reporting.

Stephen’s favorite project throughout his various roles was developing the Enterprise Data Warehouse with Andy Martin, Heather Garrison, and Michael Graham. The team had a unique opportunity to create something completely from scratch and to determine the appropriate tools, standards, and processes to accomplish their goals in this project.

Along with working on meaningful and challenging projects, Stephen has found what made his time here more enjoyable are the people he’s worked with. Stephen says, “There are so many bright, helpful people who are also fun to be around. I’ve been fortunate to make a number of friends while working here who I spend time with outside the office as well.”

Stephen’s proudest moment here has been helping improve relationships with CorVel’s EC carrier partners. He says, “Many people across the organization played a role in that effort including Carrier EDI, Carrier Solutions, and the technical and business Implementation teams. It was difficult but also rewarding to see both great teamwork and a positive result for CorVel and our partners. Several years later we’re still enjoying the payoff from that work.”

Outside his outstanding contributions to CorVel, Stephen used to competitively road-race motorcycles and now spends time participating in non-competitive track events. Stephen found that ”strangely, you can draw a lot of parallels between the business world and being on a racetrack. It’s critical to have a plan, focus on the most important tasks, and prioritize appropriately at 150mph+”

Thank you for your years of work and distinguished impact at CorVel, Stephen!

"There are so many bright, helpful people who are also fun to be around.  I’ve been fortunate to make a number of friends while working here who I spend time with outside the office as well. Plus there’s no shortage of interesting, challenging work to do."
Stephen Hale
Senior Software Engineering Manager
At CorVel, we value and reward individual initiative. Our diverse team of employees span a multitude of disciplines and share the common goal to make a meaningful difference for the clients we serve.
Michael Combs
President & CEO

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