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October 01, 2019

CorVel professionals coming together to support a speedy recovery

In March 2018, Sergeant Kent Livingston, an employee of the City of Glendale Police Department, was involved in an officer-related shooting, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. His injuries included hemopneumothorax, hepatic lobe liver laceration with areas of extravasation, and upper pole kidney laceration. He underwent numerous surgeries, 3 of which were in the first 5 days following the injury, as a result of the extensive organ damage, dialysis, and complication.

Immediately following Livingston’s injury, the assigned claims team worked to ensure the best possible outcomes and provide the highest quality of care. Lora Pedro, the CorVel adjuster assigned to the case, facilitated his medical care by maintaining clear and consistent communication with the nurse case manager and his various treatment providers. Pedro participated in weekly calls to stay up-to-date on Livingston’s condition and assist in his recovery. By working closely with the nurse case manager, CorVel ensured quick authorization for all treatment needed and avoided any potential delays. To help prevent additional hardship for Livingston and his family, Pedro also guaranteed all benefits and payments were made in a timely manner.

Despite the traumatic incident and extensive recovery process Livingston endured, he was highly motivated to return to work. In January 2019, less than a year following his injury, Livingston made a remarkable recovery and was released to regular duty, ultimately discharged from active care with a 13% whole person impairment in May 2019. While he will require lifetime medical care due to the injuries he sustained, Livingston has returned to his usual and customary occupation as a Sergeant in the City of Glendale Police Department – a direct result of his dedication to recovery and the quality care he received.

Sergeant Livingston’s success story was recently shared at Work Comp Central’s 2019 Comp Laude® Awards and Gala, an annual event that honors the outstanding contributions of individuals in the workers’ compensation industry. Livingston was awarded an injured worker award and recognized for his ongoing strength and commitment to recovery.

Though the collaboration and dedication of the claims team was critical to his recovery, the inspiring strength Livingston maintained throughout his treatment made a significant impact. To learn more about this years’ Comp Laude® Award winners, read Work Comp Central’s press release here.

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