Engaging Injured Workers in Their Recovery

Patient Management

November 04, 2020

Woman on the couch drinking some tea as she engages in her recovery with the Peerwell app

There are various factors that affect an injured worker’s recovery, including diet, mental wellness, lifestyle choices, and the quality of care they receive. However, even with the best medical management and care, recovery outcomes will not be optimal if the worker is disengaged in the process.

In workers’ compensation, it’s common for injured workers to be detached from their own care. This passive approach to patient care often leaves injured workers disengaged in their recovery and feeling like they have no control over their well-being or future. Ultimately, this can significantly impact healing, restoration of function, and return to work outcomes.

Engaging injured workers to be active participants in their recovery begins with increasing their awareness of the factors potentially impacting their recovery, such as their lifestyle choices and emotional well-being. Additionally, providing coaching and clear guidance on how to navigate these factors places recovery back within the injured worker’s control.

By partnering with PeerWell, a patient-centered management platform for musculoskeletal health, patients are provided clear, easy-to-follow medical guidance and supported through their full life-cycle of needs for musculoskeletal disorders. Simplifying the (often complicated) medical advice from treatment providers allows patients to better understand the care they are receiving and track their recovery progress.

With the platform, CorVel nurse case managers have access to holistic patient data in real time. By providing further insight into an injured worker’s overall health and recovery progress, case managers are able to better support the individual needs of injured workers.

Designed primarily to provide patients with prehab and rehab guidance, the platform also provides education on potential risk factors by offering clear guidance on diet, physical therapy, pain and wellness, health literacy, and life management through recovery.

Karen Thomas, CorVel’s Director of Case Management Innovation, explains, “By proactively arming injured workers with knowledge and general coaching, we put their recovery back into their control and the experience becomes transformative. Using the data from PeerWell enables our nurses to improve care across the continuum and drive outstanding outcomes.”

To learn more about CorVel’s case management services and how the PeerWell platform works, watch our webinar here.

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