Meditation for Productivity

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September 05, 2019

A woman smiling, using sticky notes to organize her meditative thoughts

With nearly 70% of employees tired at work, many employees are likely not getting the amount of sleep necessary to make informed decisions or be productive at work. Amidst various work-related demands, including emails, deadlines, and meetings, many employees often overwork their brains. This not only negatively affects productivity and workplace culture, but also can result in employee burnout.

According to the Pomodoro Technique, taking short and frequent breaks increases efficiency in the workplace. This technique focuses on effective time management by taking a short break every 25 minutes to avoid fatigue. Taking breaks in increments of 25 minutes instills a sense of urgency forcing people to stay on task instead of thinking that they have an unlimited amount of time to complete one task.

Taking short breaks can be as simple as shifting your attention for five to ten minutes. Practicing meditation during those breaks can cultivate a healthy and relaxed mindset. Meditation not only helps relieve stress and tension, but boosts decision-making skills and improves focus. By promoting mindfulness and efficient time management, employers can reap the benefits of increased employee productivity and positivity in the workplace.

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