Learn how CorVel can help with your transition back to work.

Navigating the New Normal

CorVel understands that in this new normal, employers want to make sure their employees are healthy, aware of potential symptoms, and knowledgeable of best practices to prevent virus exposure in the workplace.

Available now, CorVel offers services to perform employee assessment screenings and education based on CDC guidelines to promote a safe workspace. Our goal? Provide proactive solutions to facilitate return to work and assist your organization to achieve optimal workforce health and productivity.

Assessment Screening for Return to Work
Based on CDC guidelines, our nurses will administer a one-page questionnaire to instruct and educate employees on COVID-19-related symptoms, social distancing, face mask usage, and other protocols to promote a safe workspace. This service is provided to the employer to accommodate return to work.

Assessment Screening and Clinical Confirmation for Return to Work
Assessment screening of employees features a one-page questionnaire administered by a nurse to instruct and educate the employee based on CDC guidelines and recommendations. This includes education on social distancing, face mask usage, and potential symptoms to monitor. Clinical confirmation includes temperature check by a CareIQ provider and a review of any symptoms to ensure the employee is healthy to return to work.


Additional Services
Optional services available for both options include providing a supply of basic masks and home thermometers for employees, follow up calls with nurses, and onsite training sessions to demonstrate proper use of face masks, hand washing, and social distancing.

Additional Support
CorVel case managers are also available to provide critical event debriefing to help employees deal with the loss of a team member, routine wellness checks for injured workers, and virtual visits to demonstrate the proper use of face masks and hand washing. For injured workers awaiting surgery, our case managers provide PreHab and conditioning support with an easy-to-use mobile app that measures, monitors, and guides injured workers in their recovery.