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MSIG North America

Containing Costs through Care Delivery


The Company

MSIG North America is a globally recognized leader in quality direct commercial insurance, with several decades of experience and a presence in all 50 states. MSIG North America is a proud member of the MS & AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc., one of the top ten property-casualty insurance groups world-wide.

MSIG North America includes the following companies:

• Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc. (MSMM)
• MS Transverse Insurance Group, LLC (MST)
• MS Distribution Holdings, Inc. (MSDH)
• International Transportation Marine Office, LLC (ITMA)
• MSIG Insurance Services, Inc. (MSIGIS)

Similar to CorVel, the company was founded with the mission to support businesses nationwide and deliver high-quality services to clients.

The Partnership

CorVel partnered with MSIG in 1997 to provide bill review services. Following CorVel’s success in streamlining the company’s bill review process, MSIG expanded its program to include CorVel’s complete suite of managed care solutions. Today, the program integrates case management, pharmacy benefit management, and ancillary care services. Enhancing their services has led to significant annual savings across the board.

"At MSIG, we place a strong emphasis on our relationships with clients as well as partners in the industry. We appreciate a partner like CorVel who embodies these same values. They are always available to support our needs and elevate our program."
Annette LaBarre
Vice President, Director of Workers’ Compensation, MSIG

Custom Pharmacy Solutions

CorVel’s ability to customize solutions to the company’s national needs has led to a strong collaborative partnership with MSIG. Since the fiscal year 2017, the average annual savings for network solutions, which includes bill review, our proprietary PPO network, and pharmacy benefit management (PBM), was 59%. By providing an innovative medical bill review solution that combines clinical expertise and advanced technology, CorVel expedited MSIG’s bill review processing while ensuring all billing was consistent with medical records.

CorVel delivered additional pharmacy savings by increasing the generic efficiency rate and partnering with the company to create an effective drug diversion program. With CorVel’s utilization review and prospective PBM, brand-to-generic conversion improved, and the generic efficiency rate has averaged 99.6% for the last five years.

In collaboration with MSIG, we developed a client specific drug diversion program to encourage opioid safety and ensure appropriate usage. In doing so, we provided complete visibility into all transactions, monitored first-fill opioids, and significantly lowered the average day supply. The program resulted in a 67% decrease in long-term opioid usage in the 2022 fiscal year, and MSIG continues to maintain these results. Overall, these improvements have led to an average pharmacy savings of 49% each year.

Managed Ancillary Services

In MSIG’s program, we developed personalized care plans for employees, which led to optimized savings and return-to-work rates. The expansion of CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 nurse triage program and implementation of a national physical therapy (PT) program helped ensure injured workers received the quality care needed for their timely recovery – without the overutilization of services or unnecessary costs.

The proper scheduling and coordination of ancillary services, which are supplemental medical care to support primary care physicians, is critical to managing total medical spend. CorVel’s comprehensive network of ancillary services provided MSIG with preferred scheduling times and discounted rates. Since introducing CorVel’s ancillary care solutions, clinical management has improved, and there has been a reduction in treatment utilization. This resulted in an average of 55% of total savings for ancillary services each year.

CorVel’s patient advocacy approach and tailored provider network notably improved MSIG’s PT usage. While industry averages for PT costs are rising, MSIG experiences an average of 48% yearly physical therapy savings. Their average annual diagnostic imaging savings has also been 72% since 2017.

Future Achievements

Benchmarking results and setting mutual goals have laid the foundation for future achievements. CorVel’s stability as an experienced partner and dedication to innovation allows for the easy integration of new service enhancements that will continue to improve program outcomes. As MSIG expands its technology platform to strengthen the integration of CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 services, our goal is to continue developing existing areas of the program and identify opportunities to deliver year-over-year results.

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