Technology Transforming the Auto Claims Industry

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September 25, 2020

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With autonomous vehicles and new cloud-based technology, the auto industry has seen a shift toward digital advancement. In the auto liability space specifically, new technology has also been developed to increase the efficiency in auto claims filing and processing.

In traditional auto claims management, there are often delays from the initial claim filing to claim receipt and processing. To improve this process, new apps have been developed to streamline claims reporting for auto accidents, allowing claims to be filed instantly and kick start the claims resolution process. The Selfie Application, for example, digitizes claim reporting for automobile accidents and allows for instant claims processing. Integrated with their proprietary claims platform, CareMC Edge, CorVel leverages this technology to facilitate timely auto claims reporting and improve processing for better outcomes.

The selfie app offers a simple way to submit photographs at the scene of an accident instantly from a smartphone. Within seconds, the client’s driver or the claimant driver can file a report to CorVel and upload pictures of the accident, allowing us to receive a prompt appraisal for non-total vehicles in less than 48 hours of the accident. The advantage of this technology is that it gives claims specialists the ability to settle property damage claims more efficiently and at a lower cost than a full auto appraisal.

Ed Burnette, CorVel’s Vice President of Liability Services, shares, “The selfie app helps us process collision and property damage claims with a higher degree of accuracy, unlocking the potential for end-to-end touchless claims. The selfie app reduces friction and improves the client and claimant’s experience.  It is also more convenient, cost-effective, and backed by machine learning.”

With technological advancements in the auto liability space, such as the selfie app, we can increase the speed of claims reporting – leading to faster, more cost-effective auto appraisals and claims resolution.

Learn more about CorVel’s auto liability claims services here.

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