Reducing Burnout and Promoting Mental Health

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May 27, 2021

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Now, more than ever, companies are focused on supporting the mental health of their employees. Gallup research reported in this Forbes article that before the pandemic, 76% of workers experienced feelings of burnout “sometimes” and 28% of workers felt burned out “very often” or “always” at work. After a year of uncertainty and various challenges, it is likely that feelings of burnout, stress, and isolation have risen among employees across all industries.

To address employee mental health, employers can implement changes to their day-to-day operations to promote a healthy workplace. For instance, employers can create an open line of communication with employees to address potential concerns that arise, such as workplace safety and flexible scheduling.

For employees, top priorities for returning to the office include more private workspaces, flexible meetings, and collaborative areas. Providing a safe work environment and encouraging a healthy work-life balance among employees not only promotes productivity, but also mental health and employee satisfaction.

To manage your personal mental health and reduce the chances of burnout, it is beneficial to practice mindfulness and meditation, schedule dedicated breaks, and incorporate creativity into your daily routine.

For tips on how to identify and prevent employee burnout, click here.

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