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January 02, 2020

A woman switching out of her heels into tennis shoes to exercise at work

With ambitious New Year’s resolutions being made this week, it’s hard to ignore the forgotten or failed resolutions from years past all while hoping that this year’s goals will turn out differently. A number of New Year’s resolutions are focused on health and exercise, which is no surprise since there are countless benefits to working out. The pros range from weight loss to decreased risk of heart disease and span across not only physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.

Unfortunately, with busyness seeming to be the ever-increasing commonality, it can be difficult to find the time to fit exercise between work and packed schedules. However, achieving the beneficial results of working out doesn’t require spending an hour or more at the gym completing strenuous exercises.

One study showed that completing a 10-minute exercise, with just one minute of that time being strenuous, was just as effective at improving fitness and health metrics as a 45-minute moderate workout. This shorter length exercise can easily be incorporated into the workday by simply taking a quick walk during a break, opting to take a few flights of stairs, or even moderate stretching between tasks or meetings.

In addition to positively affecting personal goals, working out can improve work ethic as well. Endorphins, which are released immediately following a workout, positively affect the attitude and mind. Working out during the workday can impact individual success in the form of increased productivity, creativity, and teamwork.

Make the most of short breaks and reap the benefits of daily, quick exercises to improve your health and work performance.

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