Learn How CorVel is Using Virtual Care

CorVel’s Virtual Services

Public health officials recommend the use of virtual medicine to reduce the spread of coronavirus while continuing to provide quality care focused on recovery and return-to-function. CorVel has solutions available now to connect injured workers with virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Advocacy 24/7
Immediately following an injury, injured workers can speak with a registered nurse who provides immediate care intervention. This often prevents minor injuries from becoming major claims. CorVel’s advocacy 24/7 service can also assist workers with questions regarding COVID-19 exposure, while supplying real-time condition documentation for payers.


CorVel's telehealth program enables injured workers to connect with a provider through a virtual visit via a computer or smart device to facilitate more immediate care. CorVel’s telehealth service is available for existing claimants who temporarily do not have access to in-person medical care, due to COVID-19. Our telehealth services can be easily onboarded during the pandemic to provide injured workers with initial care.


CorVel’s virtual physical therapy program provides injured workers’ an interactive and live session(s) with a licensed physical therapist via a camera-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. CorVel’s TelePT service is available for claimants with existing recovery needs, who temporarily do not have access to in-person therapy, due to COVID-19. (Please contact your CorVel representative for state coverage limitations).


Our virtual cognitive behavioral therapy service includes psychological intervention targeted towards injured workers struggling with pain/coping skills/expectations.


CorVel’s virtual independent medical examination (IME) program provides injured workers with an interactive session with a fully credentialed and licensed IME provider in the specific specialty needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our IME providers have been specifically trained to insure they have the technical ability to provide these services. (Please contact your CorVel representative for state coverage limitations).


DME Home Delivery
CorVel's durable medical equipment (DME) program offers injured workers the appropriate equipment and supplies to facilitate recovery sent directly to their home, while being cost-effective for you as a payer.


Rx Home Delivery
CorVel offers both mail order and home delivery of prescribed medications, to improve convenience and service for injured workers, at lower costs for payers. CorVel’s certified pharmacy technicians provide high-touch service, to ensure all medications are appropriate for the compensable injury, prior to being delivered.