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July 23, 2020

The ability to rapidly analyze and comprehend data through AI technologies can be utilized in healthcare to facilitate the triaging of patients, streamline the delivery of care, and improve medical research.

AI tools, such as chatbots, can be customized and used by clinics to provide patients with virtual exams to screen for COVID-19.  By analyzing patient symptoms in real-time, this technology can help physicians identify potential high-risk patients and direct non-urgent cases to medical care outside of emergency room visits. Not only do these virtual exams make COVID-19 screening more accessible, they gather more data points to improve diagnostic capabilities and supplement testing. This assists in the triaging of patients and contract tracing of COVID-19 exposure.

Healthcare professionals can also leverage machine learning in medical research. With the ability to rapidly detect data trends and patterns, machine learning provides researchers greater insight on virus and disease spread and assists in the identification of potential treatments.

From streamlining data processing to improving the triaging of patients, AI tools can help medical professionals protect the overall health of our communities.

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