Virtual Care

A female patient taking notes while on a telehealth visit with a doctor

An Evolution Underway: How Virtual Care Is Transforming Relationships Between Patients, Payors and Providers

We have all felt the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one silver lining could be the widespread shift to telehealth and virtual healthcare services, where medical providers connect with patients online instead of in person.

It’s a concept that everyone can understand and rally behind—like the shift from Blockbuster Video to Netflix. Telehealth transforms an essential service that was formerly provided in-person, and takes it to new levels of speed, efficiency, convenience and safety through a new delivery mode.

CorVel has been part of this evolution. In 2014, long before a global pandemic necessitated this adoption—and long before other workers’ comp claims and care administrators caught on—CorVel was already ahead of the curve, perfecting the telehealth process for patients with workers’ comp injuries.

As a result of CorVel’s leadership in virtual care, we continue to transform processes and relationships throughout the entire workers’ comp world.

It all leads to better relationships between payors and patients, payors and providers, and ultimately, better outcomes for everyone.