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Strength in Partnership

Setting the Standard for Creative Claims Resolution


The Company

In 2019, a premier American retailer of outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear partnered with CorVel for our innovative claims management services. With over 150 locations nationwide, the retailer has nearly 15,000 employees. CorVel’s willingness to match the Company’s corporate culture, collaborate, and listen to their ideas, priorities, and concerns, led to the Company’s decision to choose CorVel as their workers’ compensation, auto, and general liability services partner.

The Partnership

Developing a strong partnership from the start was key to achieving the results seen by the Company in the first year of the program and beyond. To set the standard for our ongoing collaboration, the CorVel team initiated weekly meetings during implementation and has maintained this level of consistent communication throughout the partnership. We partnered in their claims management efforts by listening to their concerns and needs, learning their company culture, and ensuring our day-to-day operations reflected their core values.

Providing superior customer service was critical to improving the Company’s claims management program. From CorVel’s relationship with the Company’s risk management team to the quality care provided to injured employees, CorVel’s superior customer service aligned with the Company’s own standard of customer service that is expected in their retail stores with their customers. Ensuring the Company’s customers were taken care of, CorVel supported liability claimants with exceptional care and consistent communication through recovery.

"Attention to and compliance with client service instructions has been significantly better than our previous TPA, which allows us to create more customized programs that meet our specific needs."

Advocacy 24/7

In tailoring our claims resolution services to the Company, CorVel identified key areas of opportunity to improve their program outcomes. Initiating immediate intervention and providing patient-centered care was the first step. Introducing CorVel’s Advocacy 24/7 services to the Company’s program resulted in a significant increase in program utilization and reduced costs. When injuries occurred at the workplace, the Company’s employees received medical care within minutes.

Streamlined Data

CorVel’s claims management platform, CareMC Edge®, also played a pivotal role in the partnership, as it streamlined the flow of information to and from all stakeholders. Previously, all of the Company’s claims data was stored in various spreadsheets. CareMC Edge® transformed the manual process into a technology-driven one, making data easily accessible and reportable. By improving the way the data was stored and integrating information, CorVel improved the intake process and avoided costly delays. A current focus in the partnership today is collaborating with the Company to identify areas of opportunity to enhance CareMC Edge® from the end-user experience and enhance workflows.

"Our partnership with CorVel has resulted in better engagement, collaborative efforts, and creative claims resolution than we have seen with previous TPAs."

Continued Customization

As CorVel continues to partner with the Company in their claims management efforts, consistent communication remains a priority to ensure day-to-day operations and program results continue to exceed expectations. Understanding the Company’s values and vision for the future enables CorVel’s team to look for innovative ways to improve processes and deliver superior results.

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