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Triage and Telehealth Tailored to Your Program

How our virtual triage reduced total paid for this carrier.


The successful management of workplace injuries begins with providing immediate access to the right level of care for injured workers. Telemedicine affords immediate intervention to allow for real-time care coordination and optimal clinical outcomes. As part of our managed care solution, CorVel’s virtual care services are available to provide injured workers with the most appropriate, timely care when they need it. Beyond reducing claims costs, CorVel’s collaborative approach transforms intake and streamlines reporting for improved care coordination and faster claims resolution.

Early Adopters

A premier insurance company implemented CorVel’s virtual care services in 2017. The Carrier sought a partner with demonstrated success and experience in virtual care. As the first and only provider of national telehealth services in workers’ compensation, CorVel’s early vision of virtual care and proven experience aligned with the Carrier’s goals and set the tone for a successful partnership.

The flexibility of CorVel’s virtual care solution allowed the Carrier to introduce virtual care services as part of their claims program for the first time. To address the Carrier’s program-specific needs, our 24/7 nurse triage and telehealth services were customized and private labeled for their policyholders. Since implementation, they have experienced significant results.

“We were seeking a partner with the vision and demonstrated experience to improve our program through virtual care. CorVel brought their vision and experience PLUS, they listened to our needs. The results speak for themselves."

Faster Reporting, Higher Savings

As part of the triage process, data was gathered to complete the FNOL(s) as quickly as possible. The data was transferred electronically to further expedite the claim set-up process. With the majority of claims reported within the first 24 hours of an incident, the average report lag decreased by 62%, from 8.6 days to 3.3 days. Offering immediate access to care has resulted in improved reporting lag time and decreased the average time claims were open by 22%.

While others continue to battle the prescribing of opioids, virtual care contributes to a reduction in opioid prescribing (opioids are not prescribed in telemedicine), reducing the number of claims with opioid use by 17%.

CorVel provides ongoing support, updating policyholder information into their systems and offering complete transparency through our advanced reporting. Together, we have successfully implemented the initial strategy set and continue to enhance the program to meet the needs of policyholders by conducting monthly status meetings. This collaborative approach has improved the experience for injured workers and resulted in an impressive reduction in total paid.

As a result of improved care coordination and claims resolution, the total paid dropped significantly since the implementation of our virtual care services. Medical-only paid decreased from $3.67 million to $1 million, while indemnity paid decreased substantially from $1.05 million to $60,000. This resulted in a 73% reduction in the average cost per claim.

Reduction in Total Claims

Since introducing our 24/7 nurse hotline, injured workers receive clinical support within minutes of an incident. As a result, virtual care has allowed 53% of injured workers to receive care without leaving the workplace. By immediately consulting an injured worker following an incident, and connecting them with the most appropriate care, we have identified more incident-only claims and reduced unnecessary medical costs.

Moreover, 43% of claims remained incident-only, reducing the total number of claims by 19%. More claims remained medical-only and the number of indemnity claims decreased by 68%.

Future Plans

Implementing CorVel’s virtual care solution has transformed the intake process, reimagined the delivery of medical care, and improved the management of claims. From lowering the number of claims to dramatically reducing the average cost per claim, notable results are obvious in the first 2 years of the program. The program continues to expand to include additional policyholders and as of 2020, all policyholders have been added to the program. We look forward to further developing this partnership and continuing to improve their program through the expansion of our virtual care services.

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