Ancillary Care Solutions

Woman receiving physical therapy through CorVel's Ancillary Care Solutions program

Our Competitive Advantage


At CorVel, we understand that an injured worker’s road to recovery can be complex. To ensure injured workers receive the services and quality care needed to advance recovery, we’ve contracted with the nation’s most respected providers of ancillary services, including advanced diagnostic imaging, physical therapy (PT), and durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers.

Because ancillary services make up an average of 30% of the total medical spend in the industry, the efficient coordination of ancillary services is critical to controlling costs. By efficiently managing the entire coordination of care, CorVel’s Ancillary Care Solutions (ACS) program ensures faster recovery for injured workers and delivers industry-leading savings. Our clinical oversight and concierge-style service offer convenient access, timely appointments, and preferred rates. From appointment scheduling and reporting to appropriate billing and network management, CorVel provides the most effective ancillary program.

Our Ancillary Services

  • Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Home Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Translation Assistance

The CorVel Advantage

  • Prospective clinical management
  • Patient-centric clinical oversight with a focus on achieving maximum medical improvement (MMI)
  • Integrated portal for greater visibility and real-time access to information
  • Frequent touchpoints to ensure efficient care and appropriate utilization
  • Interdisciplinary, holistic approach to recovery


In conducting a recent competitive analysis of other provider data, we identified key advantages of CorVel’s Ancillary Care Solutions and measured cost savings for PT and DME services.

Physical Therapy

The traditional physical therapy model is marked by inefficiencies and overutilization that lead to unnecessary spending. To combat this, CorVel contracts with credentialed physical therapy providers for preferred scheduling times, appropriate utilization, and timely results at a discounted rate. CorVel’s program focuses on rehabilitation and optimal patient outcomes, which leads to fewer PT visits than the industry standards and prevents overutilization.

In our competitive analysis of physical therapy usage and costs, we found a significant difference in the average number of visits and costs paid per claim for CorVel compared to other providers. For example, the range of costs for the average PT paid per claim for CorVel is between $567 and $3,060, while a competitor’s paid per claim ranges from $633 and $5,288. In addition, CorVel’s average number of visits per claim ranges from 4.7 to 12.1, while a competitor’s range goes up to 17 visits. Overall, CorVel’s total PT costs are 21% lower than this competitor.

21% lower average PT paid per claim

32% lower average visits per claim

21% lower total PT costs

Durable Medical Equipment

The sourcing and turnaround time for durable medical equipment significantly impacts claim costs and patient outcomes. CorVel’s national DME network ensures the timely ordering and delivery of quality products to advance the recovery of injured workers. CorVel also analyzes the cost-effectiveness of renting versus purchasing equipment on a case-by-case basis to prevent the overutilization of rental equipment. Overall, CorVel’s DME program delivers better results than competitors, with a 40% lower average DME allowed per claim than other providers.

40% lower average DME allowed per claim

Our expertise in building ancillary care networks and managing care, along with investments in technology and proprietary service models, all combine to create an ancillary program that delivers exceptional results for clients.