May Trucking

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May Trucking

48% Bill Review Savings


The Company

May Trucking Company operates a fleet of more than 900 tractors, providing transportation services for refrigerated and dry products throughout the United States.

The Partnership

May Trucking Company partnered with CorVel in June 2011. They were initially hesitant to change their program due to moving costs. CorVel addressed these concerns by showing a cost benefit analysis, demonstrating how savings would far exceed moving costs. May Trucking Company partnered with CorVel due to their ability to offer an integrated program with all claims and managed care services offered on one platform.

Change for the Better

CorVel understands companies resistance to change administrators, which is why we have developed an implementation program to ensure that the transition is seamless. Furthermore, using May Trucking’s historical data we were able to provide a comprehensive analysis to identify savings opportunities and provide recommendations for future claims best practices. CorVel believes in challenging the status quo to deliver industry leading solutions for all clients.

Looking to the Future

The decision to move their program has already had a tremendous impact on May Trucking’s bottom line. CorVel’s approach to early intervention coupled with industry leading bill review has resulted in significant savings for May Trucking. When the company was asked for their advice to other companies who were considering a switch they responded that the cost to change will be made up within the first year due to superior savings in bill review, savings in monthly Medicare reporting costs and overall claims dollars decreasing.

Since switching to CorVel, May Trucking has seen a 48% increase in bill review savings.

May Trucking recommends CorVel to any company who is not satisfied with mediocrity.
Tammy Bowers
May Trucking Claims Manager

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