Hospitality, Healthcare & Retail Roundtable

Laura Day

Vice President, Regional Sales

Transportation Roundtable

Denise Maier

Senior Vice President, Sales

Municipality Roundtable

Jason Wheeler

Account Executive

Insurance Roundtable

Scott Sexton

Senior Vice President, Sales

Advanced Analytics

Trevor Gill

Vice President, Finance

Advanced Analytics

Trevor Gill

Vice President, Finance

Intermediate Analytics

Charles Richards

Director, Analytics 

Beginner Analtyics

Stacey Lindauer

Manager, Finance

Ryan Richards

Manager, Analytics 

Claims – If only we knew then what we know now

Michael Jamason

Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Michele Tucker

Vice President, Enterprise Operations

ABM – the new terminology in the alphabet soup of WC

Rhonda Moran

Senior Vice President, Network Solutions

Virtual Care - The Future of Virtual Care

Join David Lupinsky

Vice President of Medical Review Services