Return to Work

Transitional Duty for Employees

Returning injured workers to their pre-injury status is everyone’s primary goal. However, getting them back to work in a timely manner can be a challenge and the statistics are staggering. Only 50 percent of employees return to work after six months of lost time, and an even smaller 5 percent go back after a year. A comprehensive return to work program is critical for the wellbeing of your workforce and your bottom line.

A coordinated effort.
Whether your company has 50 employees or 50,000, we develop transitional duty solutions tailored to your organizational structure. By conducting a thorough review of every job, CorVel sets up a virtual inventory of transitional work. We utilize this database to cross examine your roster of injured workers with open positions to help return employees to the workplace.

Take it to the bank.
Instead of waiting for an employee to “be fit for a job,” CorVel searches within the transitional duty task bank to fit a role to their restrictions and skill set, which allows them to return to work sooner. When an injured worker is connected with a transitional role, they are back to their routine instead of being isolated at home, where they may be more susceptible to missing doctor’s appointments and might not ever come back to work. Cash in on significant savings by connecting employees with previously missed opportunities and making your workforce more productive.

Your dedicated expert.
Adjusters are working hard to strategize optimal claim outcomes and make sure claimants get their disability payments on time.  Case managers are focused on getting the best and most efficient care for injured workers, and supervisors and human resources departments are buried in the day to day operations it takes to run a business.

Everyone could benefit from an expert dedicated to assisting injured workers return to work. Our Return to Work Coordinators focus solely on creating individual return to work plans for each injured employee that benefit their wellbeing, their productivity and your bottom line. In addition to developing transitional work strategies, and creating and maintaining a task bank, they work as full-time liaisons, coordinating between your departments and locations to find transitional duty roles and fill open positions. They also stay on top of follow up evaluations for your injured workers to ensure recovery stays on track.

Ongoing communication.
We know how to coordinate your human resources and claims departments as well as your multiple locations. CorVel works as an extension of your staff, and maintains ongoing communication with key stakeholders as well as the claims adjuster and case manager to facilitate your injured workers’ successful return to work. Our RTW module within our online claims system provides key details related to your initiatives so you are always in touch.

Follow up for success.
CorVel conducts thorough follow up to ensure employees stay on the job once they have returned. We communicate with the employer and examine the claim and medical files to see if further action is needed from the physician. CorVel checks for progress indicators, and collaborates with the physician until the employee returns to their pre-injury status enabling them to resume their full duty position. After all, your goal is to have happy, healthy employees in the workforce as soon as they are medically able.