Comprehensive Services for All Types of Claims

With more than three decades of claims management experience, we know today’s auto and liability needs from top to bottom. What’s more, we have the knowledge and experience to help you meet these complex challenges head-on. The more we do, the less you lose. Our expertise begins with cutting-edge claims management technologies and continues with proactive litigation and subrogation solutions. Our goal? Faster communication, more responsiveness and improved outcomes that reduces cost and exposure.

A fully connected solution.
We manage liability claims every step, from claims receipt, file documentation and investigation to litigation management. Our Liability Adjusters average over 15 years of experience and utilize proven best practices to achieve improved results. By focusing on a long-term partnership, it’s our goal to establish collaborative, strategic processes that are measurable and meet the specific needs of our customers.

The CorVel difference.
The utilization of our prompt claim handling, in-depth knowledge and investigation experience from the onset of the claim, will significantly reduce your costs including administrative fees, litigation fees and reserve savings. From initial claim prioritization through resolution, CorVel is the most comprehensive solution for your liability claims administration program.

Essential brand protection.
Our best practices and industry experience can help safeguard your company’s reputation and mitigate exposure. We completely integrate with your risk department to ensure your brand is protected.