A Community Connected by Care©

Being connected is not just a catchy slogan. 
It defines how we work together.

The inside advantage.

Our continual investments in technology and human capital enables us to deliver the most innovative, integrated solution.  We offer a full service program, provided exclusively by CorVel. 

Enhancing care.
Containing costs.

Break from the status quo with a forward thinking approach to risk management. It's great for your employees and your bottom line.

A people first

Our commitment to quality and innovative solutions extends from every CorVel associate to every customer, partner and patient. We love what we do and it shows.

Our innovative claims management solutions offer a simplified approach to a complex process. Streamlined incident reporting and early intervention expedites closure and helps reduce claims costs.

Tackle cost drivers at every stage of a work related injury. Our combination of Network Solutions and Patient Management delivers industry leading savings and improves outcomes.