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Claims Management Solutions

Together with our clients, we improve risk management programs and return injured employees to work. Through collaboration, we provide a proactive, healthcare driven process for injured employees while simultaneously working towards cost-conscious solutions that reduce your company’s costs. CorVel invests in technology and the critical tools we use to communicate with you every day. This integrated ecosystem is the foundation for our claims management solution.

Caring for Your Employees
Our role is to care for your employees and return them to work. We provide immediate intervention for your employees with a 24/7 nurse hotline and access to our innovative telehealth services. Early interaction with a doctor can facilitate expedited prescriptions and referrals for additional care services. Telehealth is just one of the ways CorVel is here for your employees. By connecting your employees to appropriate care from the onset of an injury, we deliver better care in a timely manner.

A Single Source Solution
With CorVel, you have complete visibility into your entire program – from claims reserves and case notes to dashboards and analytics. We are the only partner that offers integrated claims management and managed care services via one platform. Our services are provided by CorVel employees all working together in real time. No silos, no delays. More access, more action. This means you have more control of your program, facilitating faster and better decision making.

Communication is Critical
We are by your side for your day to day operations while strategically developing program initiatives to achieve your long term goals. We know that constant communication and access to vital information are essential factors to program success. The invaluable partnerships we’ve developed with clients like you allow us to learn every day, which helps us to create and execute innovative ways to manage your risk.

Money Matters
We know what you’re thinking – every dollar counts. By doing more for your injured workers, we also impact your bottom line. We make it our business to save you money because we know your money is your business.