Professional Review

In and Out of Network Facility Bills

CorVel offers a complete medical saving solution for all of your in network and out of network hospital and facility bills. Each feature of services focuses on maximizing your savings opportunities and increasing efficiencies. We allow payors to define and adjust individual line item charges on hospital bills to fee schedules or reasonable and customary levels as provided under most insurance programs.

Eliminating costly errors with professional review.
CorVel's team of surgical nurses review the line item detail to identify inappropriate billed items and charges including errors and omissions, duplicates, capital and medical equipment, and supply quantities. Our professional review ensures bills are correct based on state regulations and historic facility billings, in addition to identifying simple yet costly errors, which are often overlooked. 

Industry-unique database: Universal Chargemaster
The Universal Chargemaster is a compilation of individual hospital line item charge descriptions from over 97% of the nation’s hospitals. It’s a virtual thesaurus of hospital billing terms, codes and abbreviations. In addition, specific, unique line item descriptions are evaluated by the Universal Chargemaster and appropriately compared to other hospitals in the same geographic region.

Big benefits. Big savings.
With our vast expertise and enhanced bill review resources, we helps our clients save money.  We also enjoy strong relationships with procurement offices, as well as legal and regulatory support, quality management and provider analytics. It all works together to maximize all savings opportunities.