Clinical Pain Management

Improve Injured Worker Care

Many work related injuries involve managing chronic pain through the use of powerful narcotics. Without careful utilization management and a treatment approach that focuses on patient education and engagement, chronic pain can negatively impact claims outcomes. CorVel understands that managing chronic pain can be complex. We provide a holistic approach to patient care, while utilizing clinical treatments for proven results. Our unique approach uses a comprehensive service model that holds providers accountable, helps keep patients safe and reduces workers’ compensation medical costs. Integrated programs enable payors to return injured workers to a state of good health and control expenses.

A growing epidemic.
Chronic pain has developed into a health care epidemic affecting almost 1 in 4 Americans. The prescription costs commonly used to treat chronic pain now represent 21% (Source: NCCI) of the medical spend. CorVel knows that the issue of chronic pain can be quite complex and in response, we have developed a multidisciplinary solution. We provide a holistic approach to patient care, while utilizing clinical methods for proven results.

Bringing it all together.
CorVel provides a unique approach to pain management with our suite of integrated services. We begin with identification through medical bill review and claims management data, then action with physician case management, wellness therapy, case management and physical therapy coordination. This collaborative approach is leveraged through our provider relationships and integrated system. 

An interdisciplinary approach.
The consistent and clear communication across not just all specialties, but all departments allows all claims to be handled in a consistent and focused direction. This collaborative approach ensures everyone understands the objectives of the pain management plan to provide a clear and consistent message to the injured worker.