Medical Bill Review

Reduce Workers' Compensation Costs

One of CorVel’s core competencies is reducing the total cost of medical bills through a combination of rules based technology, clinical expertise, expert review and a proprietary preferred provider network. We offer a winning formula by combining these elements into a single, powerful saving solution, offering up to 28% more savings than industry averages.

Over 10 million rules and counting.
Our medical bill review rules engine was built from the ground up based on collaboration with state and industry experts, medical professionals, product managers and bill review staff. Populated with more than 10 million business rules, our proprietary system ensures accurate and consistent bill review to maximize savings.

Tailored to your business.
Furthermore, our bill review process can be customized to your specific business needs. CorVel offers the flexibility to create your own review and payment rules, as needed. Ready for a more streamlined process and greater overall efficiency? Look no further.

Out-of-network bill review. Outstanding.
Our professional review service is the most comprehensive bill review solution for out of network bills in the industry, including a proprietary database of hospital data. So you can rest assured you will be in good hands.

Less data entry. More productivity.
We offer the comprehensive ability to process medical bills without human intervention or data entry, thanks to paper scanning and optical character recognition (OCR). This provides a complete electronic interface between our bill review software, claims adjusters and employer risk managers.

Complete online access for better visibility and speed.
Case managers and adjusters also have access to all bill records online, so everyone can see what’s being billed to claimants. All in one place from one system. The system can also pay bills automatically based on the fee schedule. This can speed the review and payment process, for a faster overall turnaround time. Plus, it offers online reporting, so you can see your savings reports in a snap. 

Integrated, proprietary PPO network.
CorVel delivers significant discounts below workers’ compensation fee schedules and reasonable and customary rates through the integration of our proprietary PPO network and bill review service. We maintain direct contracts with providers, generating the maximum possible savings through discounted rates we’ve established with network providers.

Expert negotiations. Extra savings.
As an added benefit, we offer expert negotiation for all out of network bills with savings of 25% or less through the normal bill review process. We employ a team of senior negotiators and clinicians specially trained in fee negotiations. They have extensive backgrounds in billing and practice requirements and can negotiate medical charges below billed charges, applicable fee schedules and reasonable and customary rates.

Experienced staff in every state.
CorVel has designated experts residing in and managing the processing of workers’ compensation medical bills in every state to ensure compliance with state mandates. Maintaining current, consistent and accurate rules databases are critical to the success of our bill review solutions. Our community presence allows anticipated changes to be coordinated by our centralized data management department, ensuring timely updates to the medical bill review and preferred provider network management team.