Cost Containment

Workers' Compensation Managed Care Services

Smart processes and innovative technology can play a critical role in minimizing workers’ compensation costs, ensuring injured workers’ access to care and driving positive outcomes. So it’s nice to know that CorVel is a leading cost containment organization who offers keen knowledge of the managed care industry and a sincere dedication to improve outcomes for all involved. Find smart solutions and more value all in one place.

A clear difference.
Not only do we provide early intervention, medical treatment plans and return to work programs, we also offer complete bill review and PPO network savings. These solutions all work together for the good of injured employees, while also having a positive effect on risk management program outcomes.

Simplicity at the core.
Our medical cost containment is based on a simple formula. Combine state of the art software with professional expertise and a national preferred provider network built for the casualty market. The result is cost containment innovations that offer improved return to work outcomes and industry leading savings that are unsurpassed in the marketplace.

Network solutions savings, big-time.
CorVel’s winning formula combines robust rules based technology, clinical expertise, expert bill review and a PPO network. With this savings solution, everyone benefits from the highest level of savings in the industry.

Bill review and so much more.
CorVel’s bill review savings average up to 28% higher than industry averages. By combining robust rules based technology, clinical expertise, expert review, a PPO network and bill review, our customers benefit from maximized savings.

A prescription for your success.
Our comprehensive pharmacy solution and cost containment program includes formulary management, maximum network penetration and aggressive utilization management.

Proactive patient management. Perfect.
Our goal is to tackle cost drivers at every stage of a work related injury. We advocate timely, quality care based on personalized treatment case management programs and provide real time collaboration to minimize costly delays.