Patient Management

Care When It's Needed Most

CorVel offers a continuum of patient management services through our national network of case managers in local communities. Our focus on patient engagement helps reduce medical costs through efficient management of medical expenses, while ensuring each patient follows the most appropriate care path, ultimately improving outcomes.

Improving outcomes through early intervention.
CorVel offers the convenience of online access to disability management information. We offer true flexibility, enabling you to choose the solutions that best meet your organization’s needs. It all works together to help address problem areas, such as excessive short and long term disability, serious illness/injury management, excessive healthcare utilization, extended periods of work related disability and inappropriate medical billings.

An innovator in managing care. 
CorVel has extensive experience in patient management, making us a recognized innovator in the managed care industry. With a national network of offices, staffed by professionals, we’re committed to providing effective, quality healthcare and disability management services.

Personalized attention from skilled nurses.
Regardless of an injury’s magnitude, every patient needs quality healthcare and compassionate guidance from people who are familiar with their case. CorVel nurses provide this personalized attention, along with the expertise needed to help speed their return to work. Our nurses ensure that patients understand and follow their treatment plans—and get their questions answered quickly. All so that recovery can continue and life can get back on track.

Local resources, national support.
Sometimes, case management by telephone isn’t enough. At CorVel, we not only offer nationwide case management through a centralized phone network, we also offer field case managers that offer localized support in any community and every state. From California to the Carolinas, and everywhere in between, CorVel offers the support you need. Plus, these local experts understand the state regulations that may affect the case. So whether you need assistance with patient management or disability leaves of absence, this local experience and knowledge helps set CorVel apart.