Disability Management

Services for Short and Long Term Care

Structuring compensation and indemnity programs is no easy task. Not only must they create an atmosphere of care and concern for employees, they must also maintain on fiscal responsibility for shareholders.

An innovative Integrated Disability Management strategy is key to merging these seemingly incompatible goals. CorVel's disability management programs offer a continuum of services for short and long-term disability coverage—all of which encourage an employee's early return to work.


  • Early assessment of disability claims
  • Administration of short term claims
  • Channeling to preferred providers
    • National Preferred Provider Organizations

      Our 750,000 preferred providers are selected based on demanding criteria including quality, range of services, price and location. Each one is thoroughly evaluated and credentialed, and then re-credentialed every three years. Through this extensive evaluation process, CorVel's networks are able to provide significant provider discounts while maintaining quality care and services.

      • National network for all medical coverages
      • Board certified physicians
      • Extensive provider credentialing
      • Patient channeling
      • Online PPO lookup
      • PPO Lookup App
      • Pharmacy services
      • Directed care services
      • Managed Care Organizations (MCO)
  • Independent medical exams
    • Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are often required to answer specific medical questions, including relationships of diagnosis to specific injury, accident or illness, further treatment recommendations, extent of permanent impairment or disability, and other information as needed. Our practicing physician consultants possess a broad range of credentials, including the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and board certifications in their respective specialties. Our services include:

      • Second opinions
      • Peer evaluations
      • Chart reviews
      • Legal testimony
      • Physical capacity exams
      • Pre-employment physicals
      • Fitness for duty exams
      • Permanent impairment rating
  • Utilization review
    • CorVel's utilization review programs review proposed care to determine its appropriateness, frequency, duration and care setting. Using our experienced staff of registered nurses, medical directors and large panel of board-certified physicians, we help you eliminate unnecessary treatments and their associated costs. Our program is enhanced by our expert systems technology and the use of nationally recognized medical treatment protocols and is URAC accredited for Workers' Compensation Utilization Review and Health Utilization Review Management.

    • Services:

      • Prospective review
      • Retrospective review
      • Concurrent review
      • Second opinion
      • Peer review
      • Independent medical evaluation (IME)
      • Catastrophic management
      • Life care planning
      • Dispute resolution process
      • Bilingual services
  • Case management
  • Return to work coordination
  • Certification of disability lengths
  • Identification of work restrictions