Disability Management

Services for Short and Long Term Care

Structuring compensation and indemnity programs is no easy task. Not only must these strategies create an atmosphere of care and concern for employees, they must also be legally compliant and financially responsible. At CorVel, we can help. Our services help identify, evaluate and control the duration of occupational and non occupational disabilities. Plus, our completely integrated program identifies patient care needs early, while working with all interested parties to expedite return to work.

Clocking in for better absence management.
CorVel can serve as the central touch-point for your employees, managers and HR representatives for any type of employee absence. Our integrated solution covers all absences, from company policy and federal leaves to workers’ compensation. We’ll give your workforce the tools and technology they need to effectively manage employment leaves, regardless of type.

A focus on patient engagement.
Our unique intake process combines modern technology with traditional methods that are focused on prompt response and early intervention. Information entered into our proprietary database is always available for collaboration by all parties involved, including adjusters, employers, physicians and nurse case managers.

Improve return to work. 
Our solutions encourage a faster return to work, resulting in decreased claim costs. These services are managed through our advanced application software, rules engine and systems infrastructure. Our processes offer smart protocols to support decisions and are legally compliant to offer litigation support.