Always Moving Forward

Single Sign On

After a one-time authentication, users can access CareMC without re-entering their credentials, eliminating the interruptions caused when having to log into other applications and remember multiple passwords throughout the day. This enterprise solution will soon allow users to link to a precise page within CareMC, further empowering them with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Web Services

Data integration is now faster than ever. CorVel's investment in web services has provided a framework to transmit critical data between your organization's platform and CareMC in real time delivering seamless data translation across multiple data sets and systems. So, even though applications are written in different programming languages and can run on various platforms, users can seamlessly and instantaneously exchange data over the internet using web services, instead of relying on slow, legacy data transmission methods such as EDI or FTP where information is only updated in nightly or even weekly feeds.


Claim Intake – Exchange information for processing with immediate validation results.

Bill Review Data – Experience real-time validation for bill review, which instantly identify missing information including patient name, reserve information, etc.

Provider Portal

Interaction with the provider community has never been better with our enhanced Provider Portal. Network providers can access their payment information, submit medical bills and send Return to Work documents directly to CorVel. Transparency into their payment status information includes details regarding providers’ EFT and check bill status. This module eliminates mail and consolidates all information onto a single platform.


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