Recommendation of Care Network

CorVel provides managed care, patient advocacy and healthcare financing for patients seeking choice and access. Our commitment to quality and innovative service extends from every CorVel associate to each customer and patient. We have built a network in New York of providers selected from criteria based on quality, range of services, and location.

The Recommendation of Care Network is an alternative to the New York Certified PPO. This program promotes the use of a network provider for treatment of a work related injury, however use of the network is not mandatory for the employee.

Advantages of the Care Network

Access providers in our provider lookup tools with user-friendly searches and driving directions.  

PPO discounts available when recommendation of care was followed and a network provider was utilized.

Soft channeling to preferred providers via 24/7 nurse triage, case management and utilization review.

This program may also be used in non-certified counties.


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