Certified PPO Network

In 1996 the New York Workers’ Compensation Law was amended by the addition of Article 10-A to allow employers to use certified Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) to deliver medical services to injured workers.  CorVel was one of the first managed care companies to submit their application and we were certified March 1998 with the purpose of providing quality, cost effective treatment to injured employees with a goal to return to work as soon as medically possible.  We remain committed to this goal and continue to build a network of New York providers based on quality, range of services and location.

Within the Certified PPO program, an employee has the ability to select any provider within the network for treatment of the work related incident during the direction of care period. Treatment outside of the network is subject to denial.

Benefits of the Certified Network

Access to 19,000+ Board Certified physicians in 31 counties

Directed care services for the first 30 days of treatment from initial date of care

Patient channeling and utilization controls through the use of provider panels, posters, and employee handbooks

Focus on patient outcomes and return to work

Access to insurance premium credits

For more information regarding the New York Certified PPO Program, visit www.wcb.ny.gov and click on Health Care Information.


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