Telehealth Services

Immediate Access to Quality Care

Reducing medical lag times and initiating immediate intervention are some of the cornerstones to a successful claims management program. CorVel’s telehealth services offers injured employees immediate access to doctors via a computer, tablet or phone. As part of our proactive claims management model, telehealth eliminates travel and wait times, in addition to other costly delays, significantly reducing lag times from the moment an injury occurs. On demand, secure and cost efficient, telehealth offers benefits to both payors and injured employees.

Upgrade to immediate intervention.
After speaking with a 24/7 triage nurse, employees are given the option to connect instantly with a provider online, which can also expedite prescriptions or referrals for physical therapy. Telehealth visits last about 15 minutes and incorporate active participation from the employee, which may include demonstrating range of motion, to help the physician identify physical cues to determine the diagnosis. Telehealth also can replace unnecessary emergency room visits, which typically cost hundreds of dollars for minor injuries. Immediate intervention puts injured employees on the path to care sooner for faster return to work.

Collaboration and convenience.
All initial information documented by the triage nurse during claim intake is loaded into CorVel’s integrated claims management system and transmitted to the telehealth physician. This saves time and eliminates the employee having to fill out a form with information they may not know.

Telehealth offers secure, one-on-one interactions between the doctor and the injured employee, maintaining patient confidentiality. During the visit, all notes collected by the physician are added to the claim file within our system. With updates in real time, the patient’s file is current at all times, helping the employee return to work sooner.

Continuous care, constant advocacy.  
Access to care continues with CorVel’s Concierge Services including physical therapy scheduling, assistance with prescription fills and follow up appointments. These services provide a single point of contact and an extra layer of care throughout the patient’s recovery. Additionally, for injured employees who were directed to self-care, CorVel’s triage nurse will make a follow up call within 24 hours of the initial call to assess the employee’s progress and the need for any alternate or additional plan of action.

An efficient ecosystem.
By leveraging the impact of technology with telehealth services, we enhance the integrated CorVel ecosystem that connects providers, injured employees and payors. This environment allows access to our extensive network of proprietary resources, and information is available to all stakeholders whenever they need it. Together, we can improve the delivery of care.