Medicare Set Asides

Medicare Secondary Payor Compliance Services

As part of our patient management solution, CorVel has been providing Medicare Set Aside Services since 2001 and has a long standing relationship with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We are experienced in the Medicare Secondary Payer compliance requirements and also provide a one-on-one  relationship with every referral to assist our customers to achieve complete Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. A Medicare Set Aside (MSA) allocation projects a portion of the workers’ compensation settlement for future medical expenses.

Maximizing efficiency with specially trained MSA consultants.
CorVel’s Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultants are all registered nurses and members of the National Alliance of Medicare Set Asides Professionals (NAMSAP), a nationally recognized trade organization.

Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Services
Comprehensive Medicare Set Aside allocation reports

Verification of Medicare beneficiary Status

Verification of Social Security Disability eligibility status

Utilization of rated age to determine life expectancy

Medicare conditional payment search and analysis

Submission of MSA allocation reports to CMS for review and approval

Final executed settlement documents to finalize review and request

Request final Demand of Medicare Conditional Payments

Professional administration of MSA funds