Provider Networks

Workers' Compensation Network of Care

CorVel offers a proprietary, national provider network comprised of over 750,000 board certified providers that offers local insight with national coverage. Providers are selected from a demanding criteria based on quality, range of services, price and location. Each provider is thoroughly evaluated and credentialed, then re-credentialed every three years. Through this extensive evaluation process, our PPO networks are able to provide significant hospital, physician and ancillary medical savings, while maintaining high quality care.

Provider Development
CorVel has a dedicated team responsible for local recruitment, contract negotiations, credentialing and re-credentialing of providers as well as developing customer specific provider networks. Our unique pricing structures deliver discounts below workers’ compensation fee schedules and reasonable and customary rates.

Specialty Networks
With ancillary services averaging 48% of today’s current medical spend, there is no doubt they represent a big opportunity for cost savings. Fortunately, CorVel has contracted with the nation’s most respected medical imaging and physical therapy networks to offer convenient access, timely appointments and preferred rates. We manage the entire coordination of care from appointment scheduling through reimbursement to achieve timely return to work and savings.

Provider Lookup
CorVel makes it easy to locate network doctors, hospitals and facilities for immediate care for injured workers via our enhanced provider lookup. User friendly searches based on location, city, state, zip code or specialty offer provider information and driving directions.