Network Solutions

Workers Compensation Cost Containment

In today’s cost conscious environment, smart strategies for health, disability and work related injuries are more important than ever. Fortunately, CorVel has the expertise, experience and fresh insight today’s organizations need. Our unique network solutions service model applies technology, intelligence and the human touch throughout the healthcare and disability continuum.

Proactive, powerful savings with medical bill review.
At CorVel, we offer a comprehensive, proactive medical savings solution for all in network and out of network bills, including PPO management, medical bill repricing, line item review, professional nurse review and automated adjudication. Every feature focuses on increasing efficiencies to maximize savings opportunities.

Our winning formula.
The biggest savings potential is achieved through a combination of robust rules based technology, clinical expertise, expert review and a preferred provider network. With this savings solution, everyone benefits from up to 28% higher savings than industry averages. 

Outstanding client outcomes.
We understand every client is unique. That is why we offer flexibility to tailor our managed care solution to meet specific business objectives and workers’ compensation program needs. Connecting with our clients has resulted in outstanding savings and return to work outcomes.

A unique PPO network.
Unlike many partners, CorVel offers our own national network of preferred physicians, hospitals and ancillary facilities for physical therapy, vocational rehab and more. This gives us full visibility into all your workers’ compensation claims and full control to manage and customize the network to meet your unique needs. Our proprietary advantage also increases quality control, enabling us to ensure each provider follows the best and most timely reporting practices and return to work guidelines. Ultimately helping your employees get back to work more quickly.

High marks for higher standards.
Our preferred providers are selected based on demanding criteria including quality, range of services, price and location. Each is thoroughly evaluated and credentialed, and then recredentialed every three years. Through this extensive evaluation process, CorVel’s networks are able to provide significant provider discounts while maintaining quality care and services.

Immersed in innovation.
CorVel consistently invests in new systems and technologies to provide a superior managed care solution to the marketplace. Our network solutions connect all aspects of the workers’ compensation care continuum and consolidates all data on a single platform. Everything is accessible in real time through the latest claims systems, smart phones and tablet computers to make access immediate.

Instant access through CareMC
Our automation includes paperless processing through EDI or scanning, which optimizes efficiency and reduces mailroom delays. Payors can review and approve bills online as well as access savings reports in an instant through our user friendly website.

Service with a smile.
Our long term partnerships are founded on one thing: our relentless commitment to customer service. Our network of physicians, case management nurses and associates live and work in the communities we serve, offering a human touch in day to day service delivery to all of our clients.