Subrogation Services

Industry Leading Expertise

CorVel has over 30 years of experience and offers subrogation recovery services as an extension of our liability claims services. Thanks to sophisticated technology, our rules engine immediately flags claims with subrogation potential for review by a team of experienced liability adjusters. If we determine there is subrogation potential, we begin recovery efforts immediately, which preserves critical evidence and often increases chances of recovering from the responsible third-party.

Prompt investigation for faster results.
Upon receipt of the claim, our rules engine evaluates the claim for potential subrogation. If the potential exists, the claim is routed to our subrogation specialist team who complete a thorough investigation that includes collecting, evaluating and preserving the evidence. Reserves are addressed at each claim review and rationale is documented in the Adjuster’s plan of action review.

A dedicated team that is committed to your goals.
Our staff of liability adjusters is highly experienced in all areas of subrogation management. From receipt of the first notice of loss to the conclusion of the claim, CorVel’s subrogation team offers industry expertise and a complete solution that helps maximize third-party recovery efforts.

Expertise in all jurisdictions to ensure compliance.  
CorVel also evaluates all applicable statutes of limitations, effectively outlining these parameters in our plan of action and aggressively pursuing action to secure recovery of costs as soon as possible.