Patient Management

Focus on Healthcare Outcomes

CorVel's case management services offer a continuum of care that is designed to get results. We combine personal attention, professional expertise, treatment guidelines, program specific guidelines and advanced technologies to provide the most comprehensive care for commercial, self-insured, Medicare or Medicaid plan beneficiaries. Our program proactively focuses on reducing medical costs through efficient management of each person’s medical treatment plan to ensure they follow the most appropriate and cost effective care path. Case managers research and recommend resources, while creating flexible, cost effective options to facilitate individualized treatment goals.

Ensuring efficiency.
Our team focuses on reducing medical costs through efficient management of medical claims. We also work to identify and categorize claims as soon as possible to ensure patients follow the most appropriate care paths, ultimately promoting the best medical outcome.

Instant access. Timely decisions.
To encourage timely decisions, we know that convenience counts. That’s why our solutions are available online, and via mobile apps, smart phones and tablets. Everyone has access to request a service, check real time case notes and view patient treatment calendars.

Personalized attention from skilled nurses.
Regardless of the magnitude of the medical condition, every patient needs quality healthcare and compassionate guidance from someone who is familiar with their case. CorVel nurses provide this personalized attention, along with the expertise needed to help speed their recovery. Our nurses ensure patients understand and follow treatment plans and get their questions answered quickly. All so that recovery can continue and life can get back on track.

Improve beneficiary plan satisfaction.
Our approach to chronic disease management is an extension of existing health plans. It is focused on advocacy and promotes treatment plan compliance to help in the prevention of acute episodes.