Facility Claim Review

CorVel offers industry leading medical claims review for Commercial, Self-Insured, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. Our proprietary rules engine is highly flexible and can be configured to the health plan specifications or the governing reimbursement guidelines. Populated with over 10 million business protocols, CorVel ensures accurate and consistent claim review to maximize the prevention of waste and overpayment within the reimbursement process.

Robust relationships built on trust and professionalism.
At CorVel, we have strong relationships and a proven track record of success within the medical community. Our positive reputation extends to thousands of healthcare facilities and providers who commend our professionalism and industry expertise.

Industry leading experience with medical billing practices.
Having managed cost containment for more than 30 years, we understand that each client is unique and so are the challenges of managing their programs. That is why we provide true flexibility to create programs to meet our customer’s specific business requirements.

Relationships with Centers of Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).
We have built our service delivery models based on a simple philosophy that healthcare is a local business. An integral part of our strategy is to offer services at the local or regional level where State Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs are administered.