Absence Management

A Time Clock for Savings

CorVel enables employers to actively identify and manage absences that can result in significant savings. Direct cost savings are a result of shorter disability durations and reduced disability medical costs. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy indirect savings resulting from shorter disabilities, and reductions in incidences of absence, overtime costs, the need for replacement workers and lost productivity. CorVel also offers admin services for paid time-off, sick leave, vacation, state, Federal and municipal leaves, including FMLA, military service and short- and long-term disability.

Better manage your workforce.
CorVel can serve as the central touch-point for your employees, managers and HR representatives for any type of employee absence. Our integrated solution covers all absences, from company policy and federal leaves to workers’ compensation. We’ll give your workforce the tools and technology they need to effectively manage absences.

Innovation: The inside advantage.
For years, CorVel has been considered a leading occupational and non-occupational absence-management and return-to-work organization. We help large, complex organizations leverage our content, services and software to optimize business outcomes and reduce the impact employee absences can have on your organization.

Ensure compliance with confidence.
We help reduce the burden of understanding the often confusing Federal and state regulations surrounding many employee absences.