Winn-Dixie BI-LO

59% Average Bill Review Savings

It Pays to Save With Us

Savings achieved in face of year-over-year industry inflation and increased provider charges.

The Company

As the parent company of BI-LO and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, BI-LO Holdings is in the top 10 traditional supermarket chains in the United States. The company has approximately 60,000 employees within more than 600 grocery stores and over 400 in-store pharmacies.

Beginning of the Partnership

In 2009, BI-LO Holdings chose CorVel for their advanced bill review technology as well as their results-driven team. CorVel also added their pharmacy services in 2011 and physical therapy services in 2012 to further enhance overall program outcomes.

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Since the start of their partnership with CorVel, BI-LO Holdings has experienced consistent bill review savings and high PPO penetration rates. Their long-term relationship has enabled BI-LO Holdings to realize significant year-after-year savings. By re-evaluating BI-LO Holdings’ program outcomes at each stewardship, CorVel made adjustments to further tailor their client’s program and enhance results.

As BI-LO Holdings changed – with numerous acquisitions – CorVel changed, ensuring their program delivered the best possible savings, successfully helping BI-LO Holdings reach their goals.

By maintaining their current relationship with the same cost containment provider BI-LO Holdings’ recommended payments yielding an average per bill savings of 59% year over year, as well as successfully combatting annual increases due to industry inflation and greater provider charges.