The South Carolina State Accident Fund

20% Reduction in Physical Therapy Costs

The Company 

The South Carolina State Accident Fund is the leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance in South Carolina. Since 1943, the State Accident Fund has provided a continuous, guaranteed source of cost effective coverage. The State Accident Fund serves 700 employers and 200,000 employees throughout the state.


As a long time bill review customer, the State Accident Fund has benefited from an average net savings of 62% per bill. CorVel continually strives to uncover new savings opportunities for our customers. As part of the State Accident Fund’s annual stewardship meeting, CorVel presented the savings potential of utilizing our physical therapy program. With CorVel’s proven success in physical therapy savings, the State Accident Fund implemented a pilot program to see how it could further improve their savings.


By utilizing CorVel’s physical therapy program, the State Accident Fund has been able to focus on rehabilitation while controlling utilization and managing costs. The program resulted in 20% total savings the first year alone! Additionally the State Accident Fund showed a 25% reduction on the average paid per case, and there was a 40% decrease in the number of physical therapy visits per case.

Looking to the Future

The State Accident Fund is pleased with first year physical therapy savings of over $200,000, adding to their existing annual bill review savings of $27 million. CorVel anticipates that as the program matures it will experience increased savings. Looking to add additional opportunities, CorVel began managing a portion of the State Accident Fund’s telephonic case management services in 2011 and hopes to further reduce costs and increase savings.