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Some states have adopted legislation for managed care organizations (MCO) in an effort to allow employers to control their workers’ compensation costs. A managed care plan is organized to serve the medical needs of injured workers in an efficient and cost-effective manner by managing the delivery of medical services through appropriate healthcare professionals. CorVel is registered wherever legislation mandates, where it’s beneficial for the company to obtain a license, or where the MCO is an effective utilized mandate. Since MCO legislation varies by state, CorVel’s state offerings do as well. CorVel continually evaluates new legislation signed into law to ensure we are in compliance and can offer services to our customers and prospects.

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This information is designed to provide general compliance information. It’s presented with the understanding that CorVel is not engaged in rendering any legal opinions. This information should not be used as a substitute for legal services and if legal advice is required to address your specific coverage/eligibility questions, the services of your own legal advisor should be sought.